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What can we do?

Founded in 1973, our ever growing school prides itself on near-reaching its 50th year anniversary. In 2002, the school formerly known as ‘Nagara 2nd Kindergarten’ changed its name to the current ‘Sunnyside International School,’ with the new vision of evolving towards an internationally-minded education. In January 2016, the school was awarded IB certification as the first Japanese (Article 1) PYP school and continues to aspire to stand as a model for educational reform in Japan.

In our current, unpredictable and rapidly changing times, governments of nations around the world are discussing how reforms in education are required and great efforts are being placed on pursuing dynamic change to meet these needs.

Moreover, debates are taking place which identify that partial reform is just not enough. Solutions require us to be brave and willing to take leaps of faith to uncover effective ways to promote learning and reveal new approaches. By beginning with a blank canvas, I believe we can discover opportunities for meaningful, individualised learning to be realised.

Inevitably, dependence on familiar, knowledge-based learning as an effective educational system can deter cultural motivation for change. As traditional educational systems are ingrained deeply into our daily lives, it requires significant courage to contest current educational practices as outdated and in need of adaptation. However, it is evident that we are required to provide support for our children to acquire skills in resilience, creativity and open-mindedness in order for them to face any challenges their future will unfold.

As I perpetually debate this burning question with myself to consider what I can provide for the needs of each child in pursuing their dreams, I envisage our graduates prepared to uncover their purpose and passions in the next stages of their lives.

At Sunnyside, we strive to nurture children who feel pride in exercising positive cultural values such as kindness, manners and respect within their Japanese identity.

As shared in our School Vision, we wish for our learners to reach beyond just their own success as individuals and recognise they should contribute to a greater good in alliance with others and make a change or difference in the world, no matter how small it may seem.

As history reveals, we as humans need to be prepared and able to reflect and adapt to survive each era of change in our lives. To this end, I believe the pursuit of the ‘best’ education will never cease to be explored and I continue to strive to collaborate enthusiastically to seek out this endless mission.

Beyond our school learning community, I appreciate that we are supported by various, like-minded schools and teachers around the globe. To us, we are deeply thankful for their contributions and ongoing relationships which help us grow and endeavour to reach our full potential.

With gratitude, I wish to thank you for your support and continued advice.

Hisayuki Watanabe
Head of School


Hisayuki Watanabe
Head of School

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