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In 2016 Sunnyside International School became the first PYP authorized school(as an Article one school) in Japan.
So called “Article one” school is a school being recognized as Japanese school by the Japanese Ministry of Education.
We keep striving for better education for young students who will live the next generation.

Academics / Learning

Transition from “teacher-led” to “student centred”
We would like our students to have life skills and attitudes to overcome any hardships they might face in the future.

Features of Gifu City

Our Gifu city is situated in very central part of main island. Only 20 minutes train ride from Nagoya City.
Gifu has beautiful Nagara River and purest water. Surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Once you head to North from Gifu City, famous old town Takayama, Unesco world heritage Shirakawago village is only two hours drive.
You can enjoy camping during Summer, Skiing in winter.

Gifu is a very popular destination for tourists coming both from abroad and domestically.

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